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The Weizmann UK Building for Biocomplexity Research

We are delighted that thanks to the generous support of Weizmann UK donors, Weizmann scientists have now moved into the recently renovated home of the Department of Biological Regulation.

The new Weizmann UK Building for Biocomplexity Research is located at the heart of the Weizmann Institute’s campus in historic Weisgal Square. It houses state-of-the-art laboratories and office space serving scientists from the Faculty of Biology.

What is Biocomplexity Research?

Research conducted in the facility is advancing the study of the complexity of life both in health and disease. Biological regulation is the study of processes responsible for the concerted action of cells, tissues, and organs, using a diversity of methodologies and approaches. Some of the biggest questions in biology are being addressed in this area, such as: What are the mechanisms and structures involved in inflammation? How can inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s or arthritis be better understood—and cured? How do genes regulate proteins? How does blood flow affect tumour development? Moreover, Weizmann Institute scientists are developing new tools for visualizing these processes, thereby advancing a spectrum of areas within biological research, informing processes involved in health and disease.

The new facilities

The Weizmann UK Building for Biocomplexity Research contains modern labs and a sophisticated nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) lab. It contains the labs and offices of Prof. Michal Neeman (who is also Institute Vice President), Prof. Irit Sagi (who also serves as Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School), and Dr. Igor Ulitsky. It also provides office space for leading professors, Prof. Hadassa Degani, Prof. Nava Dekel, Prof. Yoram Salomon, and Prof. Alex Tsafriri.

In addition, Prof. Assaf Tal of the Department of Chemical Physics oversees the NMR lab where he and his colleagues are advancing methods and approaches of magnetic resonance and spectroscopy.

Thank You

This project was a major fundraising focus for Weizmann UK in the lead up to the Inspiring Connections Gala Dinner. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those UK donors who supported the renovation of the Weizmann UK Building for Biocomplexity Research.  The building will be formally opened during the Weizmann Institute’s International Board Meeting in November 2016.

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