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Heart Cells Regenerated in Mice

mouse for Eldad Tzahor story

Weizmann Institute research gets mouse heart cells to take a step backwards so they can be renewed.

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How a Bacterial Cell Recognizes its Own DNA

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It may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that bacteria have an immune system – in their case to fight off invasive viruses called phages. And like any immune system – from single-celled to human – the first challenge of the bacterial immune system is to detect the difference between “foreign” and “self.” This is far from simple, as viruses, bacteria and all other living things are made of DNA and proteins. A group of researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science and Tel Aviv University has now revealed exactly how bacteria do this. Their results were published online in Nature.

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A century on, how the work of Weizmann is inspiring scientists today


Exactly 100 years after the first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, made his vital discovery about acetone at The University of Manchester, the institution is celebrating his legacy through new scientific discoveries made in collaboration with the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

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Weizmann UK celebrates British Science Week with Rosh Pinah School


Rosh Pinah Primary School is holding its annual science week 16-20 March which this year is being supported by WEIZMANN UK.

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From the Age of a Skull to “Super Moon” – March Science Tips


This month’s science tips from the Weizmann Institute range from the technology that allows us to accurately date a skull to more than 50,000 years ago to the hosting of an online space trivia game for Science Education Week.

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