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Biology of the Blues

VIDEO: Weizmann’s Professor Alon Chen discusses his work exploring the mechanisms of stress.

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Resolving a Lymphatic Riddle

Findings enable Weizmann Institute researchers to grow, for the first time, lymphatic cells in the lab

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D-REAMS research update

On Friday 15 May, researchers from a Weizmann – Italian Archaeology and Anthropology conference visited Mt Carmel Cave and Manot Cave sites. The conference and research is supported by Judy and David Dangoor who’s generous support has enabled Weizmann scientists to conduct research in the DANGOOR Research Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (D-REAMS) Laboratory.


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So how do you crack a safe?

VIDEO: In February Weizmann UK hosted its annual Safe Cracking Tournament for sixth form students. Participating teams were tasked with designing a safe which could be cracked only by solving two physics riddles.

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Weizmann Magazine goes digital

Weizmann Magazine - Spring 2015

The spring edition of the Weizmann International Magazine of Science and People is now out and for the first time is available to view online or download as an app for iPad or Android devices.

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